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rei confirmed for eating ass


rei confirmed for eating ass

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Jean pauses and blinks.

“Did you just make a joke?”

Judging from the endearing way that half of Marco’s mouth curves to form a sly little smile, the answer is yes.

a little faith by flecksofpoppy

If you know me, you know how much I love Poppy’s writing - and I’ve wanted to draw a scene from one of her fics for a long time. This part was one of my favorites. God, Jean is such a dweeb. <3

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Do you Bite your thumb at me, sir? Do you wish to quarrel, sir?-

NO, wait-



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((The ability to appreciate and evaluate human aesthetic is not determined by your sexuality))

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Victory! Federal judge in Colorado strikes down same-sex marriage ban as unconstitutional


Another step forward in Colorado! Yesterday, a federal judge ruled that the state’s ban on marriage equality is unconstitutional.

Earlier this month, a state judge issued a similar ruling striking the ban down. A few clerks started issuing licenses to same-sex couples, and there’s been a lot of back-and-forth about whether they were allowed to continue. Now, District Court Judge Raymond P. Moore’s ruling has been stayed until August 25. 

From Freedom to Marry president Evan Wolfson: 

Judge Moore did the right thing today, both by the Constitution and by Colorado values. This is the second court decision in favor of the freedom to marry just in Colorado - and across the country, judge after judge, court after court, in state after state have all examined the evidence and sifted through the arguments and concluded that the denial of marriage to same-sex couples cannot stand. It’s time for the state attorney general to stop spending taxpayer money to defend the indefensible and allow gay couples to wed now.

Yes yes yes! Colorado’s case is moving so quickly, and I’m so excited for marriage equality to finally win here and everywhere. 

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"These dorks are stupidly in love. It’s disgusting. I love it."

Me about my otp (via wolfsban)
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"I think it’s weird that teenage girls know more about giving blowjobs than they do about masturbation. It makes me sick to my stomach that so many young girls think sex is just about a guy finishing."

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if i ever misgender you or use slang (bro, man, gurl, dude) that makes you feel even slightly uncomfortable please tell me because your gender identity and comfort is more important than any word i may use to refer to you

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labels are for soup cans and queer kids who want to know that they aren’t alone

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11 Gay Book Characters Turned Straight for the Movie Version

(Source: newwavefeminism)

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